This is a fun and creative activity to tie all of the following concepts together into one lesson:DNA sequencing & transcription,mRNA翻译,amino acid codons & proteins,基因型,phenotype,隐性和显性等位基因和性状。


Students will help solve a crime based on DNA evidence left on a lollipop at the crime scene.同一场景有3个版本,可以识别3个不同的罪犯,这样你就可以将他们用于3个班级——这避免了让孩子告诉下一个班级嫌疑人是谁;)。每个学生将收到4个DNA样本中的一个——你可以让学生单独工作,or have a group of students work on suspect 1,另一个嫌疑人2,etc.(抱歉-我没有要发布的答案键)

方向工作表:dna-rna-crime-snoks-2018年&氨基酸密码轮,& additional resource:20种氨基酸

  • 步骤1–学生们将把DNA序列转录成mRNA序列。
  • 步骤2– using the Amino Acid codon wheel,they will determine the amino acid for each codon
  • 步骤3–使用图表,他们将利用氨基酸序列找到蛋白质。
  • 步骤4– using the proteins,they will determine the phenotype
  • 步骤5-使用表型,他们将决定基因型
  • Step 6– is their suspect the criminal?
  • Step 7 –他们将利用他们破译的表型对嫌疑犯进行一次突击检查。

这节课是从生物学角上的一节课改过来的: https://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/DNA_snorks.html


DNA – Paper Protein Chains Activity



  • 学生们将他们的名字转换成一个DNA序列,并创建一个蛋白质链。


  • 学生讲义(dna蛋白链活性)
  • Amino Acid Handout (link)
  • pre-cut 2 inch wide strips of construction paper  (12×18) in the following colors – red*,粉红色的,yellow,orange*,绿色,lt.blue,蓝色,and black*
    • (*) be sure to have more of these colors since they are vowels
    • 我用了一个切纸机,可以很快地提前做很多纸条。
  • markers
  • 订书机
  • 挂在教室里的衣服别针和绳子

25398918 U 863734253808 U 1620785906939523613 U N


  1. 这种活性应该在引入DNA和蛋白质合成后使用。This activity will help reinforce the concept of how the sequence of DNA codons create specific amino acids,反过来,氨基酸结合在一起形成特定的蛋白质。(link)
  2. 每个学生将把他们的名字和姓氏的字母写在学生讲义上。
  3. Using the chart,they will find the amino acid associated with the first letter of their first name.
  4. 例如,如果第一个字母是“L”,it will code for Leucine.They will select one of the codons for Leucine and write it on their chart.
  5. Write the color of the paper link they will need for "L",在这种情况下,它是红色的。
  6. 以他们的名义对每一封信重复上述步骤。
  7. 一旦他们的讲义完成,they will select the colored links,每个字母对应一个字母。
  8. The colored links will be placed in the same order as the letters in their name.
  9. 在每个环节上,write one of the codons for that letter.例如,"L" would be "CTT" on a Red link.
  10. 把名字的第一个字母圈起来钉牢。
  11. Weave through the second letter and staple the loop closed.
  12. Continue until all the letters have been linked together.
  13. 挂断蛋白质链,一定要把他们名字的第一个字母放在上面。
  14. 寻找图案——最常用的颜色是什么?Which group of amino acids was it?哪一组氨基酸用量最少?谁的名字最长?等。

Protein Synthesis (link)