Graphing Spring Tides,小潮& Moon Phases


这项活动将大潮联系在一起,小潮moon phases,chart reading skills,绘图技巧,分析数据技能。制作工作表时,I used the data for high tides since it showed a better range of data for the students to create the graph.




  • 大西洋城NJ – January 2015 High Tide Data工作表()PDF
  • Seaside Heights,NJ–2015年2月高点Tide Data (PDF(image链接
    • For example,2015年,the February 18 new moon will closely align with perigee and the the September 28 full moon will closely coincide with perigee,to bring forth perigean spring tides."~EarthSky
  • 空白工作表(PDF让学生从不同的位置选择数据。
  • 潮汐图链接– select the state and city of your choice,大西洋城套餐
  • Current Moon Phases 链接–老农历



我喜欢我们有机会在课堂上收集实时数据,作为潮汐的一部分,我们使用了NOAA的网站(链接)要学习如何查找实时潮汐信息,学习如何阅读潮汐图和海图,找出10个不同站点的水温并比较其数据。The kids enjoyed picking their own cities and sharing their findings.


  • Tides Google Slides Public链接) – this is a shared Google Slide that gives some basic information on tides and then it goes into a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the NOAA website to collect information.
  • NOAA Tides Website链接
  • 数据采集工作表(PDF)–学生将记录和分析他们的数据

第二个活动,包括1月份大西洋城涨潮的图表信息。学生们将学习如何阅读潮汐图和绘制潮汐数据图表,以了解潮汐和月球相位之间的关系。这项活动也是练习绘图技能的一个很好的方法。手工绘制图形,instead of on a computer,是他们不经常做的事情。

  • 一月潮工作表(pdf) for Atlantic City,NJ.
  • 空白工作表(pdf) for students to choose data from a different location.
  • 潮汐图链接) – set for New Jersey but you can pick different states and locations for monthly tides data.
  • 关于月球的更多课程,William Hill轮盘参观月亮页在“空间科学”选项卡下。
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为了帮助学生更好地了解月球的相位和它与太阳位置的关系,both in the sky and in space,我创建了这个实践活动。I also updated it to include a Solar Eclipse scenario.


每当我开始一项活动时,我总是叫所有的学生到其中一个学生桌上讨论/演示课程。We had been discussing the phases of the moon and reviewed the order of the phases as I placed the laminated moons onto the desk.

I pointed out the crater Tycho and how it looks like the moon's belly button.“肚脐”总是指向地球(从北半球看)。it is the southern part of the moon.这将有助于他们回到办公桌时正确定位月球。我们一起完成了第一个场景,讨论了太阳的位置和月亮的位置,keeping in mind what rising and setting means,我们如何看待风景和回顾东方,南部,以及天空的西部。

Once we have discussed the directions,学生们准备好出发了。在我检查完他们的工作之前,他们不能进入下一个场景。一旦正确,他们把场景画进讲义,然后移到下一个场景。When they were stuck,我提醒他们仔细看一下提示,如果需要的话提供额外的提示。

对于第2部分,他们必须展示地球周围的相位,以及我们站在新泽西州时的样子。我提醒他们想想车轮的辐条,地球在中心,and that we are looking fromhereon Earth外面的进入太空。Also reminded them William Hill轮盘about the ‘belly button' always facing Earth.Also,如果我们是looking at the Earth and Moon from space,half of the moon would always be lit up – the side facing the Sun.

学生们一毕业,我们通过制作一个月表来加强我们所学到的东西,他们必须把它带回家并保存起来。Once they completed their moon clock,they learned how to use it and answered questions to demonstrate their understanding.这是这次活动的一个很好的后续行动。

If you use this activity in your classroom,我很想听听情况如何。

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月相-翻页书,生日,and Matching Activities



  • 月球相位探测器模板– glue onto paper plate,cut out center
  • Birthday Moons– this is a classic lesson that has I have used over the years.我做了一个Birthday Moon Phasesworksheet (pdf) for my students to use based on the original lesson(as of八月。6,2018– the original lesson is no longer posted on their website).我们在上述阶段之前进行了这项活动。
  • 老农儿童年鉴链接
    • At the bottom of the page,您可以选择年份和月份以查看您出生月份/年份的阶段。


作为我们研究月球的一部分,William Hill轮盘we have been observing the moon and practicing moon phase identification.对于上述活动,students were given a moon phase finder,以及含有月球相位图像的卡片,阶段描述,以及相的名称。讲义包括匹配相位的名称及其描述,以及创建月亮相位翻页簿的模板。完成后不再装订翻盖书,我们用橡皮筋固定一端。

为了这个教训,我从演示/解释开始。学生们会先对卡片进行分类和匹配,然后在完成后给我打电话核实阶段。他们使用匹配的工作表自行检查描述。I posted an answer key in the front of the room where they verified their answers/made corrections.下一步,they used the cards to help them identify the 29 phases of the flip book.完成后,他们在房间前面用我的答案键自行检查阶段。之后,他们剪下并组装了翻盖书。我有一些小塑料袋和橡皮筋,如果他们在上课期间没有用完,我可以把他们的东西带回家。

Additional Resources

  • BrainPOP –月相视频
  • "Karate Kid" to help remember "Wax on,衰落
  • 我用“打蜡,Wane off" to practice identification.When the moon is打蜡,右侧变得更亮/更大,当它是waning,左侧变小/变暗。(From where we are in the Northern Hemisphere)
    • 还有:上个季度左偏灯" to help differentiate between First and Third/Last Quarter Phases

For related lesson plans,请访问我的威廉希尔真人百家乐 page.