DNA,RNA& Crime,Oh My!(Modified Snorks Activity)

这是一个有趣和创造性的活动,将以下所有概念结合到一个课程中:DNA测序和转录,mRNA translation,氨基酸密码子和蛋白质,genotype,表型,recessive & dominant alleles & traits.

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学生们将根据留在犯罪现场的棒棒糖上的DNA证据帮助解决犯罪。There are 3 versions of the same scenario that will identify 3 different criminals so you can use them for 3 classes – this avoids having the kids tell the next class who the suspect is ;).Each student will receive one of the 4 DNA samples – you can have students work individually,或者让一组学生研究嫌疑犯1,another on suspect 2,等。(Sorry – I do not have an answer key to post

Directions: Worksheets:DNA-RNA-Crime-Snorks-2018&Amino Acid Codon Wheel,&其他资源:20 Amino Acids

  • Step 1– students will transcribe the DNA sequences into mRNA sequences
  • Step 2–使用氨基酸密码子轮,他们将确定每个密码子的氨基酸。
  • Step 3– using the chart,they will find protein using the sequence of amino acids
  • Step 4—利用蛋白质,它们将决定表型
  • Step 5– using the phenotypes,they will determine the genotype(s)
  • 步骤6他们的嫌疑犯是罪犯吗?
  • 第7步-they will draw a mug shot of their suspect using the phenotypes they decoded

This lesson was modified from the one found on Biology Corner: https://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/dna_u snorks.html(生物钟)



Making protein chains – In this example,the color code is different than posted in the lesson,it was a prototype


  • Students will convert their name into a DNA sequence and create a protein chain.


  • Student Handout (DNAPaperProteinChainsActivity
  • 氨基酸讲义(链接
  • 预切2英寸宽的施工纸条(12×18),颜色如下-红色*,pink,黄色的,橙色*green,书信电报。蓝色,dk.blue,和黑色*
    • (*)因为它们是元音,所以一定要有更多的这些颜色。
    • I used a paper cutter and was able to make a lot of strips very quickly ahead of time
  • 标记
  • staplers
  • clothes pins and string to hang up in classroom

Protein Chains made by M.P.'s class Dec.二千零一十七


  1. This activity should be used after DNA and protein synthesis has been introduced.这种活动将有助于强化DNA密码子序列如何产生特定氨基酸的概念,and in turn,the amino acids are joined together to create specific proteins. (链接
  2. Each student will write the letters from their first and last name onto the student handout.
  3. 使用图表,他们会找到与他们名字的第一个字母相关的氨基酸。
  4. For example,if the first letter is "L",它将编码亮氨酸。他们将为亮氨酸选择一个密码子并将其写在图表上。
  5. 写下“l”所需的纸张链接的颜色,in this case,it is Red.
  6. Repeat for every letter in their name.
  7. Once their handout is completed,他们将选择彩色链接,one for each letter of their name.
  8. 彩色链接将按其名称中字母的顺序放置。
  9. On each link,为那封信写一个密码子。For example,“L”是红色链接上的“CTT”。
  10. Loop and staple the first letter of their name.
  11. 穿过第二个字母,用钉书钉住圈。
  12. 继续,直到所有字母都链接在一起。
  13. Hang up the protein chain,be sure to have the first letter of their name at the top.
  14. Look for patterns – what color was used the most?是哪一组氨基酸?Which group of amino acids was used the least?Who had the longest name?Etc.