Star Wars Characters for seating

I love Star Wars and found these really cute characters to use for my seating assignments.I have black lab tables and tape on one of the characters such as "Chewy" or "R2" in the corner.I also use the characters to assign partners and seats randomly.

PS -不是100%确定红发女郎是谁,assuming little Anakin?General Hux had red hair.Also,Han used a light saber,once,on the Planet of Hoth to cut open the tauntaun to save Luke – kids often ask William Hill轮盘about it.

Click on the image below to download it for free from TPT:

Free Star Wars Pattern Cards and Puppet Sticks
自由——幼儿园可打印@ TPT

I also found another greatfreeset of Star Wars characters you can download fromthis blog:

Click on image to go to Google Drive

Free Science Starters,Bell Ringers,Warm Ups,Writing Prompts

Public Copy of Science Prompts 2017-18.jpg

Google Slidesclick hereto access my Science Prompts from 2017-18.The slide # is the prompt #.For example,slide 14 is prompt # 14.These are the ones that I wrote – I deleted copyrighted material from other sources such as science starters fromScience Spot.

Prompt Notebook Paper(Prompt Templatepdf) – print 20 sheets double sided and place into 3 prong poly-folder,add more pages as needed

I start each class with a science prompt – which was assigned for homework the night before.On Monday,I post the prompts for the week and students are able to work on them for homework instead of the start of class.They can do more than one each night,but we only go over one each class.  I found this to be a much better use of class time and started each class with a 5 minute review of skills and content.

When students come in,they come to my desk for the ‘stamp' of the day,take a seat,and once everyone has arrived,we go over the answers and discuss.A stamp counts for 2 HW points.They have to follow the directions to earn 2 points,if they just write an answer,they only earn 1 pt.I do a quick spot check,but don't make any corrections at this point.I randomly pick on students each day to give an answer and they make corrections as needed.

Welcome to my blog!

I hope you are enjoying your summer!August will be a busy month as teachers prepare for a new school year.If you are a new teacher,or a veteran teacher,looking for new science lessons and ideas to add to your curriculum,my website is here to help.Everything I have posted is free for you to use in your classroom.All of my Google Slides can be edited to meet your needs –here is a quick tutorial to help you make modifications.

To help you find what you needquickly,there are several options available:

Search boxin the upper right corner – click on the magnifying glass and enter key words to find lessons.

Tag cloud– scroll down,on the right you can choose either a topic or standard.Each blog entry also has tags on them to help you find related lessons.

CategoryMenu– scroll down on the right and look for lessons related to your topic,such as ‘Life Science' or ‘Skills'

Enjoy the rest of your summer and best wishes for the 2018-19 school year!

FREE Periodic Table Battleship Handout

We are having a tech-free day and thought betweenTransition Metal Bingoand Periodic Table Battleship,my students will really get to know how to find elements on the Periodic Table.We are just learning William Hill轮盘about how the Periodic Table is arranged according toFamilies,how to determineShells and Valence Electrons,and how to drawBohr William Hill中文网站DiagramsandLewis Structures.Click on the links to for detailed lesson information.

I wanted a simple handout for my students to use and that was easy to manage.Most of the Periodic Table Battleship games involve expo markers and file folders,but that is time consuming to set up and clean up.Using this handout,they can use two different colored highlighters,crayons,colored pencils, keep track of their boat placement,hits,and misses.I have ‘privacy screens' that we use during tests and quizzes that they can use to keep their papers hidden from their opponent.

Periodic Table Battleship Handout 2018 (1)Periodic Table Battleship Handout 2018 Color

Owl Survival Simulation Activity to use with the Novel ‘Hoot' by Carl Hiaasen

This lesson plan was modified to be used along with the novel"Hoot"by Carl Hiaasen.It can be used as a stand alone lesson as part of your Ecology Unit.


  • simulate the struggle for survival of an owl family.
  • bring food back to the nest despite obstacles.
  • feed and take care of owlets.
  • live in a nest as an owlet.
  • experience how adaptations affect a species.
  • discuss the importance of resources for a community.

Lesson Plan Resources:

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  • Colored Chalk (to outline nests) or painters tape
  • Black Beans 1-3 lbs (food)
  • White Beans – 5 beans (poison)
  • Additional larger Beans to represent mice,rodents,etc
  • Plastic forks (2 per owl parent)
  • Small paper or plastic cups (1 per owlet)
  • Owl Assignment Sheet – Cut up for students to pick their role

Meiosis & DNA Cheat Sheets – Free

Updated 11.25.18 – click links for most updated versions:


I made these cheat sheets for my 7s to help them with our Meiosis and DNA unit.These are two of the most complex topics we cover in Life Science and it helps them synthesize all of the information into one page.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.12.21 PM

Download these free PDFs below:

DNA Cheat Sheet – 2017 – Google Docs– this covers the fundamentals of DNA at a 7th grade level

Meiosis Summary Cheat Sheet – 2017– this covers the basics of Meiosis along with a comparison to Mitosis at each stage for a 7th grade level

威廉希尔真人百家乐Chemistry Advent Calendar

"A 威廉希尔真人百家乐chemistry graphic every day until Christmas!Even if you don't celebrate Christmas,it's a good excuse to get a daily 威廉希尔真人百家乐chemistry fix.Click on one of the items of numbered glassware to go to the respective day's mini graphic!" ~ Compound Interest

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 9.27.03 AM

Metric Ruler – Guided Practice for cm & mm

Ruler Practice (Student Copy)



I use this activity as a guided review of reading metric measurements in cm and mm.Each student receives one metric measurement,you can laminate and hand out individual task cards to students,or simply print and cut apart so that students can write on each card as well.

As the measurement is projected on the board,the student with that task card will come up to the board and draw a line on the ruler for to represent that measurement,and add the value.Each student will mark the measurement on their own handout as well.Advance to the next slide,and a new student will add their value to the ruler.Continue until all students have added their values to the ruler,

Qualitative vs.Quantitative Observations Worksheet

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.43.37 PM
Quantitative vs Qualitative Observations

Click link for the PDF of this worksheet:Qualitative-vs-Quantititive-Observations

This is a nice review sheet to practice identifyingQualitativeandQuantitiveobservations.Qualitative (think quality) are observations you can't really put a number on,while Quantitative (think quantity) are observations that are measurable or have a number value.In this exercise,I have the students alsounderlinethe word(s) that help them decide if the observation is Qualitative or Quantitative.

For fun,and to reviewInferences,I have the students infer what the dog is thinking as s/he listens to the human given directions

Power School Learning Management System

Our school has been using Power School,formerly known as Haiku,to post homework and resources for our students.This is how I have my 6th grade page set up:

2017-09-18上午10.51.57屏幕截图Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.52.15 AM

It also ties into Google Drive and I am able to create a shared folder for each unit which allows students to access handouts,Google Slides,Google Sheets,etc… I simply drop them into the folder and kids have instant access to all files.I can also add links to additional resources such as videos or interactive websites.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.57.29 AM.png

There is also an assignment calendar feed that aggregates all of their classes homework onto one calendar.For assignment details,they can click on the link to see homework specifics.I also use the gradebook which is a great feature.Students can see all of their science grades as well as current average.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.59.35 AM

If you use a Learning Management System,how do you use it with your students?